Monday, September 6, 2010

Clutter Control For Collectors

I have spent so much time and money reading ways to get organized. One of the first bits of advice you will always find from the "experts" of clutter control, is to eliminate that clutter. Throw it, chuck it, fill up the land fills. I'm sorry that bit of thinking just doesn't work for me. A bit of advice, within the first page, from one of those "Clutter Control Experts" was that if you happened to be carrying around in your wallet a "Howdy Duty Membership card " from the 1950's , get rid of it! Excuse me! Do you know how much that card may be worth. Needless to say that book went back to the library immediately.
I'm a collector. A collector of many, many, many, things. My interests are also many and varied, explaining why I have too much stuff. I will never have a home clutter free and with the bare essentials. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have only one item per shelf. To those who are organized, clutter free freaks of nature, I salute you, but I can't become you, so I have decided to pursue to art of Clutter Control of Collectors.

Join me on this journey of discovery as we learn from each other, share tips and advice and find time to laugh at ourselves, and realize we are wonderfully interesting, healthy individuals, with varied interests that occupy our minds, hearts, and yes our homes.
So what do you collect?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Going To The Squirrels

We lost our last beloved canine companion in April. After 14 years of devotion, it is difficult to consider the addition of a new dog. Our kids are pretty much on their own, so we have decided to hold off, maybe forever in breaking down and welcoming another dog into the household. But what am I to do in the mean time? You have to understand, for a time I collected pets almost as much as I collect stuff. As our pets leave us, we are not bringing new ones into the fold. At times, I miss their companionship greatly, but at other times, well lets just say, its nice to have less fur and less clean up to do.I do have my rabbits, Boots and Gollum. Although rabbits are nice pets, they are not the same as a dog. Besides, dogs don't eat your daisies! So instead of adopting a new pet, I am working on adopting the wildlife in the neighborhood! You have no idea how happy this makes my husband!
Several young squirrels decided to make our yard their home. Now I don't care my husband thinks they are rats with bushy tails, I sort of like the little buggers. Just this morning, I sat outside, tempting one with peanuts. Being the bigger of the three, he was also the bravest and moved in as close as he felt safe. He bravely faced down my twin rabbit statue in the garden, then proceeded to feel brave enough to pick up the peanut I threw a foot from where I was sitting. He picked it up and ran not too far away. They he decided a better view of this funny looking creature was needed. So he proceeded to hop onto the roof of our porch and peek over at various strategic locations to look down upon me looking up at him.

I am sure my new neighbors think I am nuts!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


The political air in this country may be at its most polarized as it has been in generations. It saddens me to see women, especially, at odds with each other in expressing their political beliefs.A friend of mine recently lost a very good friend due to the fact she expressed what was in her heart regarding a politically charged post on Face Book. We all need to step back and think a minute. Our country is only 234 years old, the Civil War ended 145 years ago, and we ladies have only had the right to voice our political opinions in the action of the vote for only 90 years! How can we in all good conscious condemn our sisters for voicing their opinions. For 75 years women worked to gain the right to cast their ballot and have a voice in their own government. These women faced incredible sacrifices, and even death to gain the vote. Women are the strength and back bone of any civilization. If you think about it, whether you are Democrat or Republican we really have no voice in our government. However, we can become the voice of sanity in our own reality. Many of my friends, and I dare to say most of them, are on the other side of the political spectrum from my own. I honor them and the fact they are able to voice what is in their hearts and go out and stand up for what they feel is right. Instead of those who sit back and let others fight the battles. We must come together, work together instead of apart. No matter what our beliefs, we all can see the need to reach out and be the change we want to be in this world, and politics really has nothing to do with it, its who we are inside that will either save this country or end it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Disorganization of Organization

The Disorganization of Organization

Someone once complimented me on my organizational skills. Wow! Were they talking to the right person? I feel, no I know, I must be one of the most disorganized women I know. I just spent 20 minutes looking for one of my two timers. Timing myself to do one of many tasks today for 15 minutes at a time. How frustrating.

Saturday March 6, 2010

Today, a beautiful Colorado Saturday, I find myself totally alone in my house and what an opportunity to become this totally organized, everything in its place person. However, what tasks do I start with first. My desk, mounds of paper work surround me. I have a small walk way through the dining room . I step over other piles and boxes to usually fall into my chair. Do I organize my dwarers in my desk? That is, I can move piles from one dwarer to another and accomplish something. Or do I task myself with the job that really need to get done and that is to clean out my basement. Listing on ebay the 100’s of dollars of stuff I have in left over inventory and treasures I purchased to sell that are now collecting dust. I should be putting my energy in the best possible solution, but what if that solution is the one I really don’t want to do. OK buck up woman, Cowgirl Up and get into that basement. Or maybe I should go out side and rake dead grass and dirt to welcome the beautiful flowers of spring that I know will return.

Once again the 15 minute timer is set.