Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Disorganization of Organization

The Disorganization of Organization

Someone once complimented me on my organizational skills. Wow! Were they talking to the right person? I feel, no I know, I must be one of the most disorganized women I know. I just spent 20 minutes looking for one of my two timers. Timing myself to do one of many tasks today for 15 minutes at a time. How frustrating.

Saturday March 6, 2010

Today, a beautiful Colorado Saturday, I find myself totally alone in my house and what an opportunity to become this totally organized, everything in its place person. However, what tasks do I start with first. My desk, mounds of paper work surround me. I have a small walk way through the dining room . I step over other piles and boxes to usually fall into my chair. Do I organize my dwarers in my desk? That is, I can move piles from one dwarer to another and accomplish something. Or do I task myself with the job that really need to get done and that is to clean out my basement. Listing on ebay the 100’s of dollars of stuff I have in left over inventory and treasures I purchased to sell that are now collecting dust. I should be putting my energy in the best possible solution, but what if that solution is the one I really don’t want to do. OK buck up woman, Cowgirl Up and get into that basement. Or maybe I should go out side and rake dead grass and dirt to welcome the beautiful flowers of spring that I know will return.

Once again the 15 minute timer is set.