Friday, July 2, 2010

Going To The Squirrels

We lost our last beloved canine companion in April. After 14 years of devotion, it is difficult to consider the addition of a new dog. Our kids are pretty much on their own, so we have decided to hold off, maybe forever in breaking down and welcoming another dog into the household. But what am I to do in the mean time? You have to understand, for a time I collected pets almost as much as I collect stuff. As our pets leave us, we are not bringing new ones into the fold. At times, I miss their companionship greatly, but at other times, well lets just say, its nice to have less fur and less clean up to do.I do have my rabbits, Boots and Gollum. Although rabbits are nice pets, they are not the same as a dog. Besides, dogs don't eat your daisies! So instead of adopting a new pet, I am working on adopting the wildlife in the neighborhood! You have no idea how happy this makes my husband!
Several young squirrels decided to make our yard their home. Now I don't care my husband thinks they are rats with bushy tails, I sort of like the little buggers. Just this morning, I sat outside, tempting one with peanuts. Being the bigger of the three, he was also the bravest and moved in as close as he felt safe. He bravely faced down my twin rabbit statue in the garden, then proceeded to feel brave enough to pick up the peanut I threw a foot from where I was sitting. He picked it up and ran not too far away. They he decided a better view of this funny looking creature was needed. So he proceeded to hop onto the roof of our porch and peek over at various strategic locations to look down upon me looking up at him.

I am sure my new neighbors think I am nuts!