Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6 Hops to Get Things Done

My adult life has consisted of raising children and a husband, but on top of that, I have faced a life time struggle of being organized and getting things done.
I am busy all day long, from 7am to 9pm and it seems like nothing ever gets done and it becomes very frustrating.
Every year I purchase a new planner, Covey, Day Timer, etc have been many of the brands which are now taking up valuable real estate in my home. Each one was to be THE ONE. The one minder that would keep me organized and on top of things. Well guess what, each one failed. I guess its really not the fault of the minder, but the person behind the minder, ME.
I am subscribed to many organizing newsletters and most of them say the same thing. Do no do more than 6 tasks per day. Well you know, that is  not a bad idea. After all 6 tasks does not sound like a lot. Of all of the organizing gurus out there, I find the most useful information from the Organizing Queen or Marcia Francois. In this day where everyone is plugged in and attached to their smart phones, it is comforting to know there is someone, like me, who prefers writing on paper and not in any particular manner.
 Just get the thoughts out of your head and onto paper. I actually have been trying the last few days and I must say things are getting done and I am staying on top of things. However, what happens on a day when you have 6 tasks to do but everything else gets in the way, and then the next day? Well you certainly don't carry those items onto the following days and adding more.
You stop adding any more to the rest of the week until those tasks are done. Its ok if you are not accomplishing those 6 things you have written down. Chances are, like me you are doing way more than 6 things. If you write down 6 things on Monday and then 6 more things on Tuesday, and have been unable to check off most of them off, STOP, do not add anything to the rest of the week and just concentrate on those 12 things you wrote on the first of the week.
This year I found, what I finally believe is the perfect planner.
A beautiful weekly/monthly calendar by Day Runner. I have recently found myself drawn to simple beauty with vintage appeal, however, that style is hard to find. I never really cared for the vertical format of this type of weekly calendar, but I figured out finally, how to incorporate the sage of advice of 6 tasks a day with my vertical format and so far its working very well. At last I feel as if I am finally in control, if only for a little while.

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