Friday, February 3, 2012

Buy Your Own Bouquet

I remember years ago walking into a friend's house and sitting on her living room table was a beautiful bouquet of flowers. White daisies, purple irises and pink carnations. A simple but cheerful and charming bouquet.
"oh who bougjht you those?" I asked. After all that is the only time I received flowers. Always a beautiful bouquet for anniversaries, Mother's Day, Birthdays, I got myself in trouble and I am sorry day, ladies you know what I am talking about.
"Oh those, I bought them myself. I deserve a beautiful bouquet so I bought it myself!"

I thought wow! I usually don't spend money on flowers for myself. That was probably 10 years ago and this last weekend I bought flowers for myself. No reason, just because I wanted flowers, and what a beautiful way to brighten up any room.

Once these roses have done all they can, they will be saved and dried for potpourri and then I will buy myself a new, fresh bouquet.
Ladies do yourself a favor, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.
You deserve it!

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